Tuesday, February 7

Holiday mode: error to turn off

Chinese New Year is obviously over but the holiday mood still isn't.

Yeah, it sucks to feel this way.

But look at the bright side, at least you don't need to peek at your 'ang pow' anymore wondering how much you gonna get this time.

More than last year?  Heehee...

Oh wait, what? You dont do that anymore?

Well, guess you're getting old.

I'll just continue to be forever kids.

Loving this effects lately:

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  1. I did get some extra ang pao while performing this year. Agree on less ang pao due to less bai nian session >.<

    Personal ang pao, less than last year
    Performing ang pao, more than last year

    Overall, not as moody as last year LMAO

  2. Good for you! ^^v
    Mine no more no less. Neutral feeling. =.=
    Just gonna enjoy the 'peeking' on angpow feeling. LOL


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