Tuesday, July 12

I Hate Fat.

Fat is a very sensitive word.

Just this one word can make a girl stay away from food for the next 48 hours or MORE!
It kinda gives me the same impact but...
I still cant resist food. T___T
I can resist fat oily food but I definitely cant resist rice.
Seriously, I think I'm addicted to rice.

My mom has the same addiction too.
So I think it's a kind of inheritances.
Without rice, in just less than 2 hours after a non proper meal, we can start to feel the blood pressure decreasing with our body's sugar lever.
And I really mean it, you can feel them dropping.
Then dizziness will come in.
That is when my hands and body will automatically search for rice.
It's like the brain has take control of my body even though I did not give any instructions of finding food to my brain.

So, yeah, I'm officially addicted to rice. Aka, 饭桶.
At least one meal per day must be rice serve.
If not, then dizziness will attack. Aiks.
Is it still possible to reduce weight with a rice meal per day?
I try it first for now.

My target is to flatten my tummy first!
Every 2 nights, I'm gonna do sit-ups.
I know that they say it's not good for female to do sit-ups.
But of course I'll try to take good care of myself first and make sure no danger comes to my health before anything.
So, till then, this will be my main exercise for now.
Please don't make the lazy bug disturbed me!
Gambateh LVC!
Flat tummehhhhhhh!!!!!!

p/s: Busy Bees will come for a visit this 3 weeks to find me and HDL. All the best to both of us for entertaining these busy bees. =.=


  1. Seriously sit up not good for girls?? I dunno abt tat!!!

  2. Ya ya... They say if girls do will hurt the ovary... might effect when want to pregnant... >_<


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