Saturday, July 9


Yesterday was the officially Clean - Bersih Day!

I really appreciate everyone that did go for the protest yesterday.
It was so brave of everyone.
I'm just able to stay in my room and pray for you guys.
I deeply hope that this time the Bersih activity can make some deep impact to our government.

Hmm... okay. I better not go into too much of politics. Too complicated. :$

So while people were Bersih-ing at KL, I'm Bersih-ing my drawer in my room last night.
Seriously found a lot of rubbish in there. =.=
Mostly are those skin care products that have been abandon for like 1 to 2 years already.
They said that skin care products must be used finish within 6 months or at most 1 year.
Mine is already look like N years.
I better don't use them rather than disfiguring my face for not wanting to waste them. =.="
But it such a waste!!!
Women oh women~ LOL.

yea~ never mind about those abandon rubbish.
I actually move on and have been researching about Naruko products.
Mostly their reviews were GREAT!
but also for certain products only.
I've been trying to find ways to Bersih my dark eye circles.
But still don't really dare to touch any products coz I'm afraid it will make my skin sensitive then I won't be able to go out or go to class. T__T
This time I've decided to brace myself and try for Naruko!

Hope my dark circle can lessen with this.
Good Luck VC!

Have to start preparing for my exams now! >___<
My books are too Bersih! Need to write more notes! XD

p/s: HDL faster come back!!! T___T

p/s2: just saw the latest news headline. Japan got stuck by an earthquake again!
see HERE!
***praying for Japan***

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