Friday, July 8

Bored so Blog.


Been so busy extremely busy nowadays.
Busy doing assignment, quizzes, shopping and celebrating birthday. ;P

Hmm... I actually felt complexity on that day.
But... since it's already a past tense, I'm not gonna talk about it then.

Something happy to share now is SHOPPING!
Whoo~~~ Sales is everywhere!!!
But I'm unable to go touch them. Not even window shopping. T___T
Sad case.
But luckily, in this world there's something called INTERNET!
and so came e-shopping!!!
blog shopping is the best~~~
needless to say about comparing designs and prices.
So I've been so busy in blog shop.
But still need to control myself.
Been so broke these days.... T____T


Wish me luck to get it soon! =)
Hmm... I'm wondering how's the feedback on this phone...
How to say, it's the best smartphone until now.

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