Tuesday, February 7

Holiday mode: error to turn off

Chinese New Year is obviously over but the holiday mood still isn't.

Yeah, it sucks to feel this way.

But look at the bright side, at least you don't need to peek at your 'ang pow' anymore wondering how much you gonna get this time.

More than last year?  Heehee...

Oh wait, what? You dont do that anymore?

Well, guess you're getting old.

I'll just continue to be forever kids.

Loving this effects lately:

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Thursday, February 2


There's a common wisdom sentence that we always hear:
"Never judge a book by it's cover"

We know what it meant but hardly take it into our hearts.
Or maybe it's only me, I have to learn it in the hard way to know deeply remember the true meaning of this sentence.

Just last week, my house held a CNY open house for relatives and friends.
The party, food and people was great.
While I was pouring some wine for guest, an uncle who was sitting in front of me asked if I was my dad's daughter.
(He was my dad's friend)
I said yes and invite him for couple more wine but he said he had enough.
So I just smiled, say some kind words, and walk away.
The man actually looked quite old, something like at his 70s.
He wore a transparent kind of white shirt and a short pants.
Looking extremely comfy in his attire with a bit of a messy hair.
He's someone that's very low profile or, a man that does not take the crowd's attention.
(Able to imagine it? hmm... I don't mean to be rude. But he do look a bit like those 'pasar pagi' selling fish/vege guy)

After the party, I asked my dad about that old man.
To my very freaking surprise, he was a millionaire.
YES! that old-looking wearing transparent ah-pek shirt is a freaking millionaire, OR MAYBE a billionaire too! We wouldn't know.


Mama said, maybe the old man wants to avoid from being kidnap so he wore very low profile. Or maybe he's just stingy.

I've learned something and know the true meaning of the wise word.
I don't looked down on people who wore like that, I just didn't expect that they have such powerful financial background.

Another thing I've deeply felt, I love party and having friends come around.
Shaking their hands and starts to know about them and their lives.
Doesn't matter is new or old friends.
No wonder certain people have the characteristics of "Love making new friends".

(_'')/ 100% agrees!

My life has just started. Learning new things everyday.


p/s: sorry for MIA so long. hope am back now. dozen of feelings i wish to write it down here. but laziness kept distracting me away from keeping my interest on. Happy Dragon Year everyone! <3

Tuesday, July 12

I Hate Fat.

Fat is a very sensitive word.

Just this one word can make a girl stay away from food for the next 48 hours or MORE!
It kinda gives me the same impact but...
I still cant resist food. T___T
I can resist fat oily food but I definitely cant resist rice.
Seriously, I think I'm addicted to rice.

My mom has the same addiction too.
So I think it's a kind of inheritances.
Without rice, in just less than 2 hours after a non proper meal, we can start to feel the blood pressure decreasing with our body's sugar lever.
And I really mean it, you can feel them dropping.
Then dizziness will come in.
That is when my hands and body will automatically search for rice.
It's like the brain has take control of my body even though I did not give any instructions of finding food to my brain.

So, yeah, I'm officially addicted to rice. Aka, 饭桶.
At least one meal per day must be rice serve.
If not, then dizziness will attack. Aiks.
Is it still possible to reduce weight with a rice meal per day?
I try it first for now.

My target is to flatten my tummy first!
Every 2 nights, I'm gonna do sit-ups.
I know that they say it's not good for female to do sit-ups.
But of course I'll try to take good care of myself first and make sure no danger comes to my health before anything.
So, till then, this will be my main exercise for now.
Please don't make the lazy bug disturbed me!
Gambateh LVC!
Flat tummehhhhhhh!!!!!!

p/s: Busy Bees will come for a visit this 3 weeks to find me and HDL. All the best to both of us for entertaining these busy bees. =.=

Saturday, July 9


Yesterday was the officially Clean - Bersih Day!

I really appreciate everyone that did go for the protest yesterday.
It was so brave of everyone.
I'm just able to stay in my room and pray for you guys.
I deeply hope that this time the Bersih activity can make some deep impact to our government.

Hmm... okay. I better not go into too much of politics. Too complicated. :$

So while people were Bersih-ing at KL, I'm Bersih-ing my drawer in my room last night.
Seriously found a lot of rubbish in there. =.=
Mostly are those skin care products that have been abandon for like 1 to 2 years already.
They said that skin care products must be used finish within 6 months or at most 1 year.
Mine is already look like N years.
I better don't use them rather than disfiguring my face for not wanting to waste them. =.="
But it such a waste!!!
Women oh women~ LOL.

yea~ never mind about those abandon rubbish.
I actually move on and have been researching about Naruko products.
Mostly their reviews were GREAT!
but also for certain products only.
I've been trying to find ways to Bersih my dark eye circles.
But still don't really dare to touch any products coz I'm afraid it will make my skin sensitive then I won't be able to go out or go to class. T__T
This time I've decided to brace myself and try for Naruko!

Hope my dark circle can lessen with this.
Good Luck VC!

Have to start preparing for my exams now! >___<
My books are too Bersih! Need to write more notes! XD

p/s: HDL faster come back!!! T___T

p/s2: just saw the latest news headline. Japan got stuck by an earthquake again!
see HERE!
***praying for Japan***

Friday, July 8

Bored so Blog.


Been so busy extremely busy nowadays.
Busy doing assignment, quizzes, shopping and celebrating birthday. ;P

Hmm... I actually felt complexity on that day.
But... since it's already a past tense, I'm not gonna talk about it then.

Something happy to share now is SHOPPING!
Whoo~~~ Sales is everywhere!!!
But I'm unable to go touch them. Not even window shopping. T___T
Sad case.
But luckily, in this world there's something called INTERNET!
and so came e-shopping!!!
blog shopping is the best~~~
needless to say about comparing designs and prices.
So I've been so busy in blog shop.
But still need to control myself.
Been so broke these days.... T____T


Wish me luck to get it soon! =)
Hmm... I'm wondering how's the feedback on this phone...
How to say, it's the best smartphone until now.

Tuesday, July 5

Not That Busy Like A Bee

Assignments are piling up already...
Exams coming soon...
And I think there's still some quiz for us to do...
Omg, before I know it, it's already the final.
Time is flying now.

But still, I have some time to write a blog for awhile and watch some tv drama too.
So... maybe I'm not that busy aye.


I'm really... really... really....
I'm just gonna be silent.
Sick and tired of certain's people attitude.
Is it me? Or it's basically human?
I have to try my best and change for good.

p/s: I need a relaxing holiday...

Monday, July 4



我所碰过的纠缠 还有难过的遗憾

我不再随便疯狂 却不能停止渴望

真的我会如此爱你 爱你

我不再随便疯狂 却不能停止渴望

真的我已如此爱你 爱你


p/s: 因为有你有我,才会有缘分。